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Why I decided to do what I do

I feel like for many of us we find out what we really want to do or realize what really is our calling at the end of our 20's. This is when we for sure know what we want to do.

This is my opinion just want to put that out there, also I've heard of people changing their career later on in their life like 40s-50s and that's groovy!

However I speak from all the experiences I've heard of people older then me & took notice from friends of mine. It all just depends, sometimes things happen and things

get in the way so they drop it and move on and miss it everyday, or they stick to it.

For me, what I enjoy and I know for some they are like "EW how can you find that fun!" Like I like doing office work Samantha OK so Sue me! I like to work at my cute little desk from home everyday. I found this was always meant to be my calling once I had "office assistant" as an elective my senior year in high school.

I can't tell you how excited I was when I entered the school district. I felt...fancy. Yeah I know something probably so random but that's how I felt. It's crazy that it's been 5 years. During that time since I was only a sub...I got impatient and wanted more money so I made a mistake. I left, for almost 2 years to work for a company that went corporate while I was there. That was the biggest mistake.

This is why I hate the idea of money. More money? For what. To be stuck everyday in a small office doing work you don't understand, or like; working for men who expect everything in their hands right away when they ask but don't do the same for you. Basically a waste of time is how I look at it. The best decision? Leaving after enough was enough.

After that I vowed that one day I would find a job I would love & never settle again. Ideal was working from home.

When the pandemic hit, I lost my job for the time being. For the first time in my life I went on unemployment. I searched for a job on the side but no luck and was deep down dreading being hired for one because I was scared of getting sick.

On a nice warm sunny day here in California I was scrolling through Tik Tok and ran across this girl who spoke about being a virtual assistant and gave great tips on how to become one. I was like whoa hold up...*scanned through her content* Then realized. I can so do this. I only have like 7+ years of experience doing work like this! So that's when I signed up for the master class and here I am!

It's been a cute little journey that I hope turns into a big one in the future. Right now I am taking it at ease, doing small work & am really just settling into it all. I love it. It's everything I have been looking for and am hoping it just keeps getting better. I have high hopes for the wedding industry this year and just know many wedding creatives are going to be needing that extra help & I will be here with hands out ready to work together!

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