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How my husband and I spent our day in Solvang, CA.

My husband and I were so happy when we made our way down to Solvang on our honeymoon road trip. This cute little danish town has everything. From the delicious food, (we couldn't get enough of it) to gawking at the unique architecture.

When we arrived the evening before our day spent at Solvang, we went straight to check-in at our very comfortable hotel called: Pea Soup Anderson's Inn, which was only a 10-minute drive to Solvang.

When we finally made our way into Solvang we were so excited to see the town. It was like nothing we've ever seen in California, so unique and there's so much to see and do. It's a good thing we got there early because we were worried about parking. We parked right across the street from the main stores and restaurants.

We began walking around to find a place to have breakfast, and quickly found a place that was close to where we parked. This quaint little restaurant was called: Succulent Cafe. The breakfast was spot on, although it was on the slightly pricey side, it was so delicious and fulfilling. Not to mention, the scenery and aesthetic of this place is divine (probably why we stopped to eat here).

After we finished our breakfast, it was time to explore the area. After walking a bit we made it in front of the Hans Christian Anderson Museum. Of course, being a fan, I went nuts and we explored his area in the museum and I bought myself some books. (A shoutout at all my bookworms out there!) This museum has a variety to choose from.

After my purchases, we did more shopping. I feel if you are spending the day there you need to do some shopping! Take your time and go into the stores that catch your attention. By doing this, my husband and I found a lot of cool stores. Since it was sunny, I went into a hat shop and wala! I felt ~fancy~ and felt like the perfect tourist lol.

Now, the most eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing scenery? The various windmills they have in the town! They are so pretty to look at, so if you go, get your Instagrammable shots in!

Lastly, our favorite parts of spending our time in this Santa Barbara area? Our Dinner at the Peasant's Feast restaurant in Solvang. Talk about *chef's kiss*, the food there was so mouth-watering, and ugh the mac & cheese! To this day I dream about that food! Also, it wouldn't be a Santa Barbara experience without visiting the local: Ostrichland! It was such a unique experience. I will never get over how luscious and gorgeous Ostrich's lashes are!

So if you are planning your visit to Solvang, make sure to take your time, and explore. You have a full day to see plenty!

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