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The Benefits of being organized.

Organization. What do you think of when you hear that word? Neat? Clean?

Well, there are various forms of things in our life that involve organization. For example, being organized in having all your important documents in one secure document cabinet. Or how about having a cute little box container too hold your beauty products. Whatever it may be, organizing will always secure it’s place in some shape or form in our lives. Wether that be our daily personal life routine, or work routine.

Staying organized however has understanding benefits. For health, and for productivity. Health wise, according to some experts, being organized helps reduce stress in your home/work environment. Now, when I read this, I must admit I shook my head remembering all those times at work I sat at my desk happy to be there because of the system I had going on. It made me feel at ease and made me feel like I was the expert in a nerdy type of way (no shame). It also apparently cultivates the feelings of reassurance by knowing where things are. So now, it all makes sense why I live for it. I like having reassurance in my life, the unknown always stresses me out! Organizing I guess you can say, is like having some type of control, in a very positive light.

With that being said, it helps also with productivity. You maintain your focus because your mind knows everything is accounted for & it just keeps going. Now, as I read this fact everything started to click for me, those moments when you are on a roll? Welp, that’s cause your productive mindset is in motion, and being organized in some way helped you stay focus. It’s crazy how the mind works.

Now if you are someone who lacks in the organization department, I think it’s about time you start some type of system. I only mentioned 2 of the many positives it can bring into your life. If it’s hard for you to generate this new type of lifestyle, then I think you should gradually add it into your daily routine. These benefits are just too good to pass up so get with it friend!

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