Luisa “Lulu”

Hey there friend! My name is Luisa but please, call me Lulu! Your way of staying organized is going to flip when I join the team! With 9 years in the field I can guarantee I will get you organized and make you feel at ease. You will finally, and I mean FINALLY be able to gain back some time, all while having an amazing work-life balance. Now a little about me: if you don't find me working from my lovely desk at home, I am probably on some adventure with my hubby or tending to my precious plants. After the years I spent working in the administrative and corporate world, I realized what my true calling was. It was to put all my energy into working from home, and helping business owners get back into having more time for the important things in life. Time with family, having time for themselves to rest & recharge and do the work they actually want to do! Now, if you are a business owner who is looking for a new strategy in maintaining all your tasks in order, I'm your girl and it's time we have a chat! Your new, productive way of running things is finally here!